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Meditation Scenes II - Video Relax Pack

4.8 ( 1248 ratings )
생산성 건강 및 피트 니스
개발자: LOLriffic Stuff
11.99 USD

For entertainment purposes only!

Ever wondered if the app store had something that could help you meditate? Like virtual places you can go to and relax in?

Introducing the second installment to the Meditation Scene video pack! Meditation Scenes II features an additional 5 endlessly looping white noise and video environments to meditate, relax, fall asleep to, or just take your stress away.

Each one is specially designed with either real world looping video footage or spectacular computer generated graphics scenes.

Features these 5 white noise worlds to get lost in:
* Footprints in the Sandy Beach
* Endless Fields of Stars
* A Summer Shower Rose
* Blue Skies and Rolling Clouds
* Our Blue Marble Earth

Because these scenes are filmed or generated with high quality graphics, its recommended you use iTunes to download this app.

Simply select a scene with the "Next" or "Prev" button, then touch the preview to launch the endless video. Shake the device to return to the menu.